Spend it like money.

Making the world that trades mobile data for anything




Data is already being used for anything, everywhere. Empo helps you spend your mobile data seamlessly wherever you are.



Empo supports your daily life so that you can focus on your work, friends, and family with no worries.


New standard for mobile data

Empo is building a culture, in which people share, save, purchase, and exchange mobile data freely in cash beyond simple consumption.

A new way to share mobile data

Unused data is helpless and expensive to pay. What if we could sell your unused data? It's the first step for the mobile data trade.



Total trade volume

56,535,381 MB

Service markets

India, Korea, UK, US


4.4 miliion

as large as 10 Vatican Cities

Curation for more data, but at a half price

Data plan is the most expensive subscription. For seamless data flow at a half price out of 2,022 data plans. Datascanner is your personal mobile store.

datascanner has 2,020 data plans

Data plan DB is always up to date for precise curation.


I and my friends have installed this app. it easy to share data .Now the sign ups are quiet easy .for extra data for pubg update i used it and its fantastic
S*lim T Viswanath
Good app. Better with sharing to data. With this we can earn. Because, network and time with can be counted as a valuable asset.
P*rushottam Batav
Although there is not much interest in the topic of affordable rates in Korea, It was helpful to know the need for the affordable rate plan and it solved my questions about the reasonable plan.
*Young Choi
The design is well organized. It doesn't feel like a telecom commercial. Also, it's useful.
*Yeon Kim

Night sky is the Empo's color.

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Empo abbreviates an emporium meaning a shop or market.
The logo represents a platform that connects people with mobile data trade.